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      2. Global SUKIMA IDEAS

        The KAYAKU spirit represents Nippon Kayaku Group's corporate
        vision - the ultimate goal of all its corporate activities.
        We fulfill our social responsibilities as part of our corporate efforts to realize
        the KAYAKU spirit. These efforts are based on the standards of conduct
        articulated in the Group Action Guidelines and in the Nippon Kayaku Group
        Charter of Conduct and Code of Conduct.

        Our Business

        Functional Chemicals Business

        With the combined efforts of our Group companies, we aim to contribute to the creation of a "Super Smart Society" and achieving "SDGs" through the application and integration of our resin, colorant and catalyst technologies in order to globally provide distinctive functional chemicals to areas including information and communication, digital printing, and energy and resource conservation.

        Pharmaceuticals Business

        We specialize in cancer- related products, putting our many years of development and manufacturing know-how to work to handle products from new pharmaceuticals to generics and provide medical institutions with the reliable information they need about anti-cancer drugs. Moving forward, "Speciality, Biosimilar & Generic" will continue to be a key domain. We aim to contribute to society with innovations that are backed by our technological expertise and by consistently supplying high-quality pharmaceuticals to improve the level of treatments patients receive, and to achieve more efficient medical spending.

        Safety Systems Business

        Nippon Kayaku has a long history in the development and manufacturing of explosives and pyrotechnic devices, together with a wide range of technologies. By applying these technologies, we have developed original automobile airbag inflators, micro gas generators that tighten seatbelts in the event of a collision, and ignition devices called squibs that are a key component of these. We contribute to enhancing safety in automobile societies by providing such products to the global market.

        Agrochemicals Business

        Supporting agricultural development and production of high-quality food.
        Nippon Kayaku has been developing, manufacturing, and selling the agrochemicals (pesticides, herbicides, and soil fumigants) that are essential for maintaining a stable supply of food, the pesticides for killing insanitary insects, etc.

        What's New

        Updated information of CSR
        We have created a page about cleaner products information for the functional materials business.
        Pict Leap Co., Ltd has developed “ Liquid Crystal Display Which Can Be Photographed By Infrared Camera ” PDF
        Pict Leap Co., Ltd has developed "32-inch off-grid outdoor display system PDF
        Nippon Kayaku launches Portrazza? Injection, a human anti EGFR Monoclonal Antibody

        Corporate Information

        Nippon Kayaku Combines the core technologies of explosives, Dyes, pharmaceuticals and resins
        to create new products in the business areas of Functional Chemicals Business, Pharmaceuticals Business and Safety Systems Business in order to contribute to the society.
        By targeting the global niche markets, we will effectively utilize our vaunted skills and managerial resources
        to create products with high added value that the world is seeking.

        Investor Relations

        Investor Relations News

        Global Network

        Head OfficeMeiji Yasuda Seimei Building (19th and 20th Floors,) 1-1, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-0005, Japan

        MOXTEK, INC.Functional Chemical Business
        Kayaku Safety Systems de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.Safety Systems Business

        NIPPON KAYAKU AMERICA, INC.Functional Chemical BusinessSafety Systems Business

        KAYAKU Advanced Materials, Inc.Functional Chemical Business

        • Functional Chemical Business
        • Pharmaceuticals Business
        • Safety Systems Business
        • Others

        Dejima Tech B.V.
        Dejima Optical Films B.V.
        Functional Chemical Business

        Euro Nippon Kayaku GmbHFunctional Chemical BusinessSafety Systems Business

        INDET SAFETY SYSTEMS a.s.Safety Systems Business

        • Functional Chemical Business
        • Pharmaceuticals Business
        • Safety Systems Business
        • Others


        Kayaku (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.Others
        WUXI POLATECHNO OPTICS CO., LTD.Functional Chemical Business
        KAYAKU CHEMICAL (WUXI) CO.,LTD.Functional Chemical Business
        WUXI ADVANCED KAYAKU CHEMICAL CO., LTD.Functional Chemical Business
        Shanghai KAYAKU International Trading Co.,Ltd.Functional Chemical Business
        Kayaku Safety Systems (Huzhou) Co., Ltd.Safety Systems Business
        POLATECHNO (HONG KONG) CO. LIMITEDFunctional Chemical Business
        Taiwan Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd.Functional Chemical BusinessPharmaceuticals Business
        Nippon Kayaku Korea.Co.,Ltd.Functional Chemical BusinessSafety Systems Business
        Kayaku Safety Systems Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.Safety Systems Business
        NIPPON KAYAKU(THAILAND)CO.,LTD.Functional Chemical Business


        POLATECHNO CO.,LTD.Functional Chemical Business
        NIPPONKAYAKU FUKUYAMA CO.,LTD.Functional Chemical Business
        NIPPON KAYAKU TOKYO CO.,LTD.Functional Chemical Business
        NIKKA FINE TECHNO CO., LTD.Functional Chemical BusinessOthers
        Kouwa Sangyo Co., Ltd.Functional Chemical Business
        NIPPONKAYAKU FOOD TECHNO CO.,LTD.Pharmaceuticals Business
        Gunnan Sangyo Co., Ltd.Pharmaceuticals Business

        Tumor Diagnosis Support Co., Ltd.Pharmaceuticals Business
        Cultivecs Inc.Pharmaceuticals Business
        Wako Toshi Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.Others
        Nishiminato Driving School Co.,Ltd.Others
        Okiura Golf Center CO., LTD.Others
        Kayaku Nouryon CorprationOthers
        Kayaku Japan Co., Ltd.Others
        Sanko Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.Others

        • Functional Chemical Business
        • Pharmaceuticals Business
        • Safety Systems Business
        • Others


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